Token Sale Review: Storecoin, the next Bitcoin 3.0?

There is a coming wave of Bitcoin 3.0 projects.

The second wave was full of experiments like Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, all of which were highly successful, but flawed.

In the next 2 years, I think we will see several third wave competitors that will solve the problems we are currently experiencing with bitcoin and other protocols.

They will solve the problem of PoW miner centralization, they will have extremely low or zero transaction fees, they will be able to scale to thousands or millions of transactions per second, and they will have a proper governance system in place.

I predict that in 2 years, these “bitcoin 3.0” protocols will be dominating the top 10 market caps, competing for mass adoption, and ultimately completely displacing bitcoin.

Because of this, I try invest in any Bitcoin 3.0 project I come across, which is why I’m highly recommending taking a look at today.

Storecoin is a next gen cryptocurrency protocol by some thought leaders in the space, Chris McCoy and Ari Paul. I met Chris in San Francisco last month and was struck by his integrity and intelligence, the best kind of founder to work with.

Storecoin is a strong contender for bitcoin 3.0, it will have free transactions for all, high scalability, better economic incentives for validators (not miners), and robust and decentralized governance system. It’s one of the most thoughtful projects I’ve seen in this space.

When approaching this project, the are using guiding principles like:

  • How can we make this organization useful for 1000 years?
  • How can we ensure security for all participants?
  • How can we remove centralization of control while still being able to execute?
  • Always do the right thing

In the next few years, when we see the top 10-15 top cryptocurrencies competing for mass adoption, I think this project will have a pretty great chance of being in the top as not many are being this thoughtful about their economy and governance.

Another thing I really like, instead of doing 1 big ICO, they are doing a series of 6 small, invite only raises of reasonable amounts, tied to milestones they must complete, before doing a public ICO. This, their second raise is only for $1m, and already has $550k committed.

At the current price, I think it’s pretty likely to see similar ROI to ethereum!

They have done no marketing for this, and it is an invite only token sale. They will start inviting participants to invest beginning next week, and will be presenting to the Crypto Finance Conference in Switzerland Jan 17, 2018. I expect this sale to be over by the end of next week (Jan 5) though.

The only reason I know about this project is from meeting Chris in person at Token Summit and connecting with him on these ideas!

Chris invited me to participate in the sale, and has agreed to extend that invitation to the Block Republic community.

This is not a private sale, and there are no discounts or anything here as they are already super early and the price is great, so we won’t offering this in our private community of presale investors.

All you need to do to get invited to this sale, is fill out the form on and be sure to mention Block Republic as your referral. Americans can participate.

Note that this is not like other ICOs, this one has a 2 year lockup, so you’ll have to HODL this one for awhile. I think it is totally worth it to lock up a bit into this one, so I’ll be putting in $5k myself.

Don’t forget to mention Block Republic when you sign up to ensure you are invited!