Token Sale Review: CoinFi, Decentralizing Wall Street Market Intelligence

Disclaimer: I am an advisor for CoinFi. This is not financial advice.

Why did Ripple have 1000% gains in a month? Whats going on with XRB?

If you are like me, you are probably overwhelmed with all the activity in the cryptomarkets, with alts seeing huge gains left and right, great ICOs every day, and lots information floating around, attempting to explain what is happening.

Usually, its very hard to tell whether something is news driven, whale activity, or just plain old pump and dump schemes!

Should you get into XRB now after its already gone up so much?

Should you sell your Stellar or keep hodling?

Finding the information you need to understand these price movements and make good decisions is very time consuming, or perhaps even impossible!

Because I know we all have this problem, from the newb who just bought their first bitcoin, to the experienced investor with years in the crypto markets, I’m very excited that CoinFi, is working on the solution!

CoinFi solves your information disadvantage

Using CoinFi, the next time you start fomo’ing because Cardano just pumped 157% in one day, instead of blindly buying in, you can immediately get access to the type of analysis Wall Street traders are accustomed to having.

Within CoinFi you will see:

  • Any news events that may have impacted the price or fundamentals of valuation
  • Social trends that may have caused additional excitement about the token
  • Real time algorithmic analysis of the trading data that can tell you if there is a pump and dump pattern or more substantial movement
  • Expert opinions interpreting this data

With all this information in one place, you will be able to make better decisions about whether or not to buy into something like Cardano after its already been pumped.

You will be able to tell if it’s likely that there is some reason the price is going up, and will continue to go up, or there is an obvious pump manipulation that will cause the price to drop soon.

No more gambling on all time highs!

CoinFi Decentralizes Wall Street

Wall Street has always had access to this type of real time market information that explains price movements, but they keep that information locked away behind very high price tags for only the very wealthy to have access to.

The everyday trader can’t compete against that sort of information disadvantage, which is why they are usually the ones losing money in the markets when things don’t go well.

The cryptocurrency markets have moved towards making things fairer, but as there are currently no platforms for getting comprehensive, high quality, market information, there are usually just a few trading on inside information.

CoinFi brings their experience from working with the tools used on Wall Street, and they are making it available to the everyday trader, instead of locking it away for the ultra wealthy.

Decentralized Access AND Contribution

CoinFi has 2 primary ways in which information is created and delivered, Media and Technology.

The media portion includes original research, reports, opinions, news, fact checking, and more.

The technology portion includes algorithmic analysis of trading data, sentiment analysis, and pretty much anything that provides insights from code.

Where does all this content come from?

CoinFi has an in house team of ex-Wall Street analysts and programmers who are highly experienced at creating this sort of content!

BUT, they also are open to community contributions, so anyone can contribute cutting edge research or a highly efficient algorithm, and get a share of the profits from their content!

I think this last point is really big, as anyone can participate in the research process and get rewarded for providing good information!


The CoinFi team has 3 allstar founders, who complement each other’s skillsets almost perfectly. It would be harder to find a team with this blend of both experience, skills, and understanding of tech.

The CEO, Tim Tam, worked at Goldman Sachs, was a senior trader at 2x billion dollar hedge funds, and even started his own hedge fund. He knows the financial markets well.

The tech founder, Han Chang, has experience with scaling up large web platforms at OkCupid, writing Wall Street trading algorithms, and founding a bitcoin exchange in China! Basically, the exact experience you need to build a platform like this.

The marketing founder, Nate Tsang, founded a keyword research platform that was acquired in 2016, after spending years as a highly effective digital marketer.

All of these founders are highly effective executors, with the right mix of finance, tech, biz dev, and marketing to make this product successful.


CoinFi’s token economics are actually somewhat unique! They have very well thought out utility token model.

There is a free version of the platform, open to everyone. This will have basic news and content.

Then to unlock the rest of the platform users must stake some of the tokens. These tokens don’t go to the company, they just remain staked and can be reclaimed anytime someone wants to leave the platform. This creates a deflationary force and more and more users get on the platform!

Once on the platform, there is premium content users can purchase using the token. This content is created by contributors, and they are paid in the token. So the token acts as the medium of exchange on the content marketplace.

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out as they will have both deflationary staking and high velocity transaction behavior at the same time.

Token Sale

Hard cap: $15m

Market cap: ~$45m

Public presale bonus: 20%

Token distribution: Feb 28

Public beta launch: April 6


Disclaimer: I am an advisor for CoinFi. This is not financial advice.