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Why Liquid+ is a big deal

tldr; they are cryptos first Prime Brokerage and Meta-exchange!

Why is that interesting?

In the finance world, the huge investment banks like Goldman Sachs fill a role called a Prime Brokerage, which basically gives Hedge funds superpowers  for cash management.

This allows them to focus on executing strategies without having to worry about the logistics of their money.

Prime brokerage banks have super awesome tools that let their traders trade across exchanges, with instant liquidity, without having to an account or agreement with the exchanges.

Nothing like Goldman Sachs exists in the crypto world.

Currently, full time traders are maintaining their own accounts across different exchanges, and trying to managing their cash effectively while also trading.

This means they often don’t have cash in the right place to execute a trade, or they have it locked up for a few days while it gets transferred around.

Liquid+ will change this.

Liquid+ is both a World Order Book and a Prime Brokerage.

What this means, is they are kind of like a meta-exchange.

Their traders will have instant liquidity by being able to trade across trading pairs, on any exchange.

For example, you might want to buy BTC/EUR from a European exchange, and someone else may want to sell ETH/SGD in Singapore.

On Liquid+, this order is matched with any available markets, such as ETH/BTC, SGD/EUR, and across crypto and FX exchanges, to provide liquidity for that trade.

Liquid+ takes care of all the cash management, you can trade on any exchange, without having an account on that exchange, and without having funds on that exchange.

This reduces your counter party risk! Instead of keeping track of the shadiness of 15 different exchanges, you just need keep track of the reputation of Liquid+. Hedge fund managers love this, they don’t want to be in the counter party risk management business.

You effectively have instant movement of funds, since everything is managed on Liquid+, your funds aren’t locked up in wire transfers or withdrawal/deposit processing.

The chatter from crypto hedge fund managers is very bullish, they are all really excited about this, its a game changer for them!

Its something that traditional institutional investors expect as well, which means it will allow a lot of new money to enter the space.

The cryptocurrency that will back all of this, QASH, has a pretty good chance of becoming a financial reserve currency for the world!

Ok, this is why I think the idea is huge, but enough about that.

The Team

Honestly, it would be difficult to find a better team for this.

The Singaporean company, Quoine is behind this, who are well known for the Japanese exchange Quoinex.

Their team has tons of experience in banking and cryptocurrencies, and they already have the market at their doorstep, demanding this service.

You can check out their leadership on their site, but I won’t dig into it more here since I think their reputation proceeds them. https://www.liquid.plus/#leadership

Token sale

Their public token sale hard cap is $75m, giving them a market cap of $300m.

I think this is quite reasonable given they are a well established company with a huge market banging on their door, and they will bring billions in revenue into the currency right out of the gate.

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To participate in the QASH ICO, you must register on their trading platform, QRYPTOS

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